It is the compact laminate panels produced with HPL production technique and the 12mm thickness is determined by increasing the amount of kraft paper. The compact laminate panel is used safely and easily due to its superior properties. Through its high technology, it is resistant to puncture, fire, water and moisturing. In addition to these features, as well as does not rot, does not contain bacteria and can be easily cleaned. Rich color options and different surface alternatives offer a wide range of application possibilities.

EN Classification: CGS - CGF EN 438-4

Compact Table tops; With stainless table legs, it can be used outdoors, without any risk of corrosion, in all seasons. The compact table panels produced with HPL production technology and They have resistant to UV rays and have a bactericide and soil-repellent property.

Dimension: 12 mm, 24 mm and 36 mm thickness with variable options and size during manufacturing